"It's Reverend, I ain't your coach"

          Coach Raines

          Son of The South 2020

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The feature film "Scott Free" is NOW AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE via the streaming service tubi

"Scott Free" made it's premiere at the Malibu Film Festival in April 2022 to fantastic reviews and accolades! 

 Joey plays Detective Clemmons who's partner, Detective Ferrell (Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from The Wire), was murdered by a street crime syndicate and he vows to not rest until her murder is solved.

Set for WORLD WIDE release September 6, 2022 on Apple TV, "The Skeleton's Compass" !  A fun family adventure feature length movie!   Joey portrays the father Tim Brown as his children embark on a time travel adventure in an effort to save the family home and dreams! Release information is coming soon!

Coming in October "The Mayor's Wife" a mini-series by Aaron Avont Johnson.  A corrupt mayor rules the city as a positive public official in the foreground however, behind closed doors his shading dealings and the need to cover up for his entitled and predatorial younger brother (Joey Thurmond), reveal his true self absorbed and often criminal character. 

Joey along with his fellow castmates from "Son of the South" recently received "Best Ensemble Cast in a Feature Film" & "Best Feature Film" Awards from the Cannes Film Festival. "Son of the South" recently made it's European debut to rave reviews.  

The feature film "Ninety Sunsets" has been officially released onto streaming platforms world wide.  Joey plays a ruthless business man who is so consumed with his power and wealth that he forgets to focus on the love of his life until he realizes there isn't much time left to make things right.

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Son of The South

Son of the South is an American biographical drama film, written and directed by Barry Alexander Brown, in his directorial debut and Executively Produced by Academy Award Winning Film Maker Spike Lee. Based on Bob Zellner's autobiography, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement, it stars Lucas Till, Lucy Hale, Lex Scott Davis, Julia Ormond, Cedric the Entertainer, Sharonne Lainer, Mike C. Manning, Brian Dennehy and Chaka Forman. Joey Thurmond plays a supporting role as Reverend Raines Bob's boxing coach.

Quote from Joey​

"I am so honored and thankful to be a part of the cast of Son of the South!  What a pleasure it was to work with this amazing group of artists!"

...Joey (Reverend Raines)

Just Released


This is a story of karma and her revenge on two brothers, one is forever tied to the streets and the other one sees the bigger picture of what life can be. They are trapped by a life of crime and their own egos. One brother tries to save them before it's too late. Because he knows Karma is always looking for payback! 

Joey as Det. Clemmons is a seasoned homicide detective who finds himself in an unusual role as a victim as he struggles to find his partner's killer. 

Ninety Sunsets

Written and directed by Andrea Antonio Canal, Ninety Sunsets is an inspirational Romantic Drama about a country girl devoted to her 2 children and a nonprofit horse rescue, when a city Pilot flies his way into her heart.

Joey as Maxwell Haynes, a business man who is so consumed with power and wealth. He forgets to focus on the love of his life until he realizes there isn't much time left to make things right. 

Coming Soon

Skeleton's Compass​

A group of middle school students embark on what they believe is just another back yard adventure but soon realize that the legendary treasure that they have heard of isn't just the folklore from childhood stories. As they stumble upon the possibility of time travel, they hatch a plan to save the family's land and remain close friends but is there enough time as they enlist the help of their reluctant parents in an attempt to save the family's dreams? 


Two Brothers: an attorney and a scholar, fight against the odds of an injustice reality, using their ancestral means to get justice for the unjust.


INDOCUMENTADA is such a powerful piece of film.  It's a short film filled with so much emotion, with a wide range of questions of "ok, what happened?", to "So what happened next!".  I can't wait to see what happens!

Joey Thurmond​